History of Jarowair

After not long moving to our New Suburbian Home in Highfields in 2005, we discovered this little patch of remnant iron-bark bushland and fell in love with it.  We decided to purchase this stick-raked 18 1/2 acre block in December 2005 and we haven't looked back.
The Creek at Jarowair - Our New Patch 27/01/2006

Our New Patch 27/01/2006

LAND FOR WILDLIFE - We were very proud to become the first Registered "Land for Wildlife" Property in our area.  Our property was reviewed by Land for Wildlife Staff through the Crows Nest Regional Council and was accepted to be part of this wonderful organization. Our Approval of registration was granted in February 2008.
After the amalgamation of the local shires, the Toowoomba Regional Council sadly decided to cease the Land for Wildlife Program.  We were very grateful that in 2012 the Queensland Murray Darling Committee Land For Wildlife Program, based in Toowoomba took over our registration and we are now proudly an active part of their Land for Wildlife Program.  More information can be found here...

For Quite some time, we were undecided on a property name for our new patch.  In 2006 I heard a local Aboriginal Speaker talking about the history of the area and he talked about the Jarowair Aboriginal Tribe.  On hearing the wonderful history of this land, and the connection the Aboriginal people had with the land, it’s flora and fauna we decided that this was the most suitable name for our patch.

For More information on the local history of the Jarowair People, please visit the wonderful website for Gummingurru.  Gummingurru is in the country of the Jarowair Aboriginal people, who are one of the many Aboriginal groups associated with the Bunya Mountains and the feasts and ceremonies that were held there once every three years.

WILDLIFE LAND TRUST - On 8th July 2014 we were proud to receive our confirmation of the Registration of Jarowair as part of the Wildlife Land Trust Program co-ordinated by the Humane Society International.  Jarowair was listed as 262nd Australian and 82nd Queensland Wildlife Land Trust sanctuary and joins other like-minded people providing suitable habitats for wildlife on private properties across Australia. More information here...  View our Wildlife Land Trust Profile here...