This Blog - Jarowair Our Patch is a chronological Journal of our discoveries and of our rejuvenation efforts on our small 18 1/2 acre Patch of Land on the Beautiful Darling Downs, South East Queensland.  When we purchased the block of land in 2005, the land had been used for cattle and horse grazing and had been stick-raked prior to being put up for sale.  The Block features a small creek which is a feeder creek to the Cooby Dam Catchment.  The main trees that were visible on purchase of the land were ironbark and forest-red gum.  Since the purchase of Jarowair, we have planted hundreds of native trees and have allowed the land to regenerate.  The land, while small in size, is home to many beautiful Australian Native Animals, including the Echidna, the vunerable Rufous Bettong, the beautiful Bandy Bandy Snake and the rarely seen Salmon-striped Frog to name a few.  We hope that you enjoy our Blog and we thank you for your comments, input and ideas, they are much appreciated. 
Judi & Brendon

Our Photos

We are only amateur photographers learning as we go.  The photos on this blog are taken with either:

Canon EOS 550D
Canon EOS 400D
Canon point and shoot
iPhone4 (pre-2015)

Older Images pre-2008 using a Kodak Digital Camera

We do not use photoshop and only do basic editing (croping, sharpening etc) on our images.  We appreciate your input and opinions on the learning progress of nature photography.