Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dainty Green Tree Frog by Day @ 26/06/11

These are a couple of photos of our resident Dainty Green Tree Frog (Graceful Tree Frog) (mentioned in previous post (see here) by day.  He certainly is the master of disguise hiding in its beloved Norfolk Crows Nest Plant. 

Dainty Green Tree Frog by Day 26/06/11

Beautiful Blue-Tongued Lizard in Winter!!

Blue-Tongued Lizard 23/06/11

A few days ago I spotted this large blue-tongued lizard on the road, just down from our patch.  The day was sunny so I guess he had become confused and possibly thought winter was over and came out from hibernation? It was a really large blue-tongue and of pale colouring, so I moved him safely off the road into the grass, he was however unhappy about this and about getting his photo taken, but he will live to see another day and would certainly have become roadkill otherwise.

Blue-Tongued Lizard showing off his Defence Mechanism with Pride 23/06/11

Rufous Whistler - June 2011

Brendon heard and took photographs of the beautiful Rufous Whistler's here last week.  I will add the photographs asap.

Critters in Care @ June 2011

"Penny Lane" the Spotted Turtledove

Beautiful Young Tawny Frogmouth.

Sky over Our Patch

14th May 2011 - Aeroplane Flying Overhead

18th May 2011 - 6.35am

18th May 2011, 6.35am

4th June 2011, 5.00pm

Flowering Bromeliads and their Inhabitants

We love our Bromeliad's here and they have become a pot plant favourite, because of the many frogs that love to live within these plants.  They provide a great hiding spot that is moist and dark during the day for our Common Green Tree Frogs.  We also love it when they flower and display their beautiful colours and brighten up the pond garden area.

Common Green Tree Frog in Bromeliad Plant.


Two small birds were heard in an Ironbark Tree on the 4th June 2011.  I have only seen this same bird recently at Texas and was not sure on an identification. Photos a bit poor as they were rather high up in the tree and flew off to another higher perch rather quickly.

Golden Whistler & Small Birds a Plenty 29/05/11

Golden Whistler
Very late on the afternoon of the 29th of May, Brendon and I went for a walk down the back of our property which adjoins another property, that has been much more untouched by man & domestic animals than ours has in the past.  The plantlife and wildlife is much more plentiful due to the thickness of the bush in this area.  We had only been discussing, how we next to never see small birds when all of a sudden we were graced with the presence of many Golden Whistlers, Fantails and thornbills, just before dark.  The weather was drizzly and photos arent the best on our camera when it is dark, however I took plenty, they were all poor quality.

"Itchy Grub's"

Large "Itchy Grub" on a young gum tree 29/05/11

Large Moth's

At night, often rather large moths are attracted to the lights of the house and end up on the screen door to the living room.  Some of them are extremely large and it can be hard to show their size with a photograph.  Here are a couple of recent ones taken on the 20th May 2011.

Dainty Green Tree Frog @ 13/06/11

Dainty Green Tree Frog 13/06/11
Around a month ago, Brendon pointed out a tiny green frog on one of our potted plants near the house.  At the time we both did think that this frog looked a little different from the other baby green tree frogs that we see here, but didn't give it too much thought, until Brendon spotted it again on the 13th of June, now much larger (fully grown) and clearly not a common green-tree frog.  On checking our frog books we have discovered that we have a beautiful Dainty Green Tree Frog or Graceful Tree Frog!  On checking, these frogs are not usually found on the Darling Downs, but in more tropical coastal areas, so we imagine that the very young frog was hiding in the Norfolk Crows Nest Plant that I bought from Bunnings in Mid April, as this is the plant we have seen the frog in each time.  By day it is a master of disguise, blending very well with the underneath of the large crows nest leaves.  Here's hoping that the Tawny Frogmouth's leave this one alone!

Dainty Green Tree Frog 13/06/11

Monday, June 20, 2011

Micro Bat inside the House 06/05/2011

Micro Bat
Last month I awoke late one night, after sensing that something was flying around in the bedroom.  On waking, I saw a micro bat flying around in circles in our room above the bed, and then it went through the doorway towards the living room.  On getting up, I went out to the living room and when I turned on the light, the bat was flying all around the room.  I was too tired to go to the shed and get the bird net, so closed the doors and went back to bed.  The next day we couldn't find it anywhere in the house, but alas once the sun started to set, and I was outside gardening, shrieks & squealing from my little girl inside the house, confirmed that the bat was alas still inside!!  Once the squealing calmed down, we were able to find where it was, as it went into the lounge room to rest on the ottoman and on my "Readers Digest Book of Australian Birds" Book.  Closing off all the internal doors I opened the external doors and put the outside lights on.  It wasn't long until it was attracted to the light outside and the insects, and flew straight out the front door.  This is the second one that we have had inside the house in the last year and a half.  Possibly they have come inside when the garage door was left open?  Bit of excitement for the day anyway!